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Lacey's First Mountain Bike Race

By Darin Maxwell

WOW! If there was ever a PROUD Dad, it would have to be me today. Lacey and I went to Fontana on Saturday (Jan. 15th) to check out the cross country course and see if she wanted to try out racing. About half way thru, I took us in the wrong direction, and we ended up in a really sandy area, with a couple of homeboys on quads. We were about ready to just start back, when a rider came along and put us in the right direction. It turned out to be a good thing because we would have missed the HARDEST climb of the loop.

After getting to the top of it, then downhill some, then back up again, she was a little discouraged. After a little over two hours, we got back to the registration area. I told Lacey that I knew that it was a little harder than we both expected, and that she didn't have to race on Sunday if she didn't want to. "Well, what do you think," says I. She says, "It's hard, but I can do it." Boy, can she! She entered the woman's beginner's 13-18 year old class. "She's only 12," I say. Come to find out, that because she'll be 13 before December, she has to enter the next class up.

So, she enters her first race today, knowing it's going to be hard, and finishes FIRST! Ok, so she was the only girl entered in her class today, but, she beat the time of the 12 year old BOY that was entered, his time was 1 hour and 26 minutes, her time was 1 hour and 21 minutes. She would have placed 3rd in the next age group up.

First there was "Crash" Maxwell. Now there's a "Fast" Maxwell!

"Crash Daddy" Maxwell

Lacey will be riding in the 2005 Counting Coup 40 mile event, which is like a Vision Quest for ages 13 and under.

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