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Troy Sladek competes in the Jr. Men age 1-10 short course final
Finishes 2nd overall in the series

By Jim Sladeck

(Editors note: Troy Sladeck is the youngest member of the Warrior's Society Race Team and the youngest finisher ever in the AM CUP series to place/podium.)

After great finishes in the races leading up to this final race, with 50 feet to go before the finish line, Troy was passed by a 10 year old on the hardest part of the climb and lost by 3 seconds. Troy just turned 7 and was tied for first place in points but took 2nd overall since the kid he tied with beat him beat him in this final event.

World Champion (as of last week) mountain biker Eric Carter was practicing for Mammoth next weekend and saw the kids racing; Eric cheered Troy on, which Troy thought was pretty cool. Troy said "I think he wanted me to win just like he did."

Troy worked very hard to do so well. For you locals, that means climbing Blackstar Canyon with me on the hook-on-bike at 6:30am and then riding Whiting twice on his own bike---all they way up, no walking.

Thanks to everybody for asking about him and how he's doing. Until next year----ride hard and have fun!!!!

-Jim Sladeck

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