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The Rim Nordic finals

By Jeroen Bosboom

And moving on to Sunday's race at Rim Nordic... The series finale, Nathan placed second in 19-24 XC sport class and second overall in the final series standings! Well done Nathan you hung in there and finished strong! Mike Caffrey narrowly missed third place in the 35-39 XC sport event. He finished fifth in the overall.

For my Rim Nordic race I slowly put myself together from the previous day of racing and a restless night reliving it all. After an hour warm up I lined up for my race. I noticed Johnny O'Mara was absent (that bribe I paid worked ;-) and I calculated that I had the series second overall clinched. I led from the start and tried to hold the lead. After some shuffling I had a 40 minute battle for second place in the race. I finished 6 minutes or so ahead of third place and 2 minutes behind first. I finished second in the 40-44 expert XC series standings.

A very good weekend for the Warriors Society race team.


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