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The 12 Hour's of Snow Summit

By Ron Sawicki

The 12 hour was the most exciting 12 hour event so far. The weather was cool to start with a powerful thunderstorm in the very middle of the day and finally returning to sun and excellent conditions at the finish.

Those of us out there in the storm laps were shocked by close lightning strikes, hail and buckets and buckets of rain. The course turned into rivers of mud for about an hour and a half. After that the sun came out and the course was in spectacular condition.

Monique started out pacing herself, the first lap she had a 3 minute lead, the second a 9 minute lead, the third a 19 minute lead and by the 6 hour point she was 2 laps (18 miles) ahead of her closest competitor. By the 11th hour she still had a 2 lap lead, she just didn't feel like doing one more and took her first rest of the day, the last hour of the race. Monique set a new women's course record for the amount of laps finished in the 12 Hours of Snow Summit.

Tinker Juarez won the men's with 12 laps. Jeroen, Drew, Brian and I were on a four man in the Pro/semi-Pro/expert category. Brian on his first lap was chasing another rider up the Fern trail and that rider made a wrong turn and Brian kept on chasing. He eventually found himself off the course. He ended up hike a biking his way back to the course.

The only problem is he finished his lap about 8 minutes faster than the fastest pro lap so far that day. He was so quick Jeroen wasn't there to meet him at the end of his lap, so he went on to do two in a row. The other teams contested and when Brian came in he immediately told us of his mishap. His first lap was not counted, so we played catch up for the rest of the day. We could not catch the second place team and ended up with a 3rd place finish.

Other Warriors racing were Keith and Calvin with non-team members Barrett and rider X, who place first in the sport category.

All in all it was an incredibly fun an exciting day!


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