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February 2002


The Blue Ribbon Coalition has been in contact with Boxer's chief staffer in CA, Tom Bohegan. They have also been in contact with the Regional Council of Rural Counties in Sacramento and in fact are giving a presentation on Backcountry instead of "Wilderness" to that organization next week. Meanwhile, a local BRC member has been in contact with the Senator Boxer's San Diego staff aide, Humberto Peraza.

The BRC has asked for maps and other information via the Freedom of Information Act to the USDA Forest Service in Region 5 and the BLM. Also, local BRC members have been asking for information from Boxer field offices in the San Diego area. The request is in regard to meetings the Forest Service has held over the last 2 to 3 years with wilderness activists.

A meeting has been tentatively set-up for next week between the BRC's Western Representative and Mr. Bohegan to review the many access concerns related to designated wilderness.

According to a local BRC member, (an equestrian), many of the communities are in opposition to the proposal and the 2 communities that have given support (Ramona and Julian) would probably reverse their position given the level of opposition from the other groups. Boxer's staff has apparently been asked by BRC members if they would be willing to remove the San Diego areas from the bill. The staffer got nervous and said he could not promise that.

We will keep you updated as this and other wilderness proposals move forward.

(The Warrior's Society suggests mountain bikers stay up on this issue and contact Senator Boxer's staff aide Humberto Peraza at (619) 239-3884 or by email at Humberto_Peraza@boxer.senate.gov with their concerns and request maps of the proposed wilderness areas in San Diego to see how they will be affected.

If we receive any further wilderness alerts from the Blue Ribbon Coalition or information from their Freedom Of Information Act Request we will forward it to our fellow mountain bikers. The Blue Ribbon Coalition is an organization made up of recreationists whose motto is "Preserving our Natural Resources for the Public, instead of from the Public." They have a web site at www.sharetrails.org)

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