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The San Juan Loop Trailhead Expansion

Clem Lagrosa (the Trabuco District Ranger), sent the following letter to the Warrior's Society

The San Juan Loop Trailhead Expansion, located on the Ortega Highway (State Hwy 74) approximately 17 miles east of San Juan Capistrano and across Ortega Hwy from the Candy Store (T.6S, R.5W, Section 29), will be altered to incorporate changes to the original site design.

The 1996 Decision Memo prepared for the San Juan Loop Trailhead Expansion will be amended to include the following alterations to the original project design:


Addition of perimeter trails to tie to the existing San Juan Loop Trail. This will consist of relocation of 170 feet of existing trail. Three hundred feet (300') of new Trail will be added in the area disturbed by the cut and fill of the parking area and 350 feet of new trail will be cut in brush area.


Installation of 3-panel orientation stations (kiosks). North Station needs 12'x5' of hardened surface with a trail to it that meets ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Standards. Need a curb break on entrance road. South station is beside the concrete walk to the toilet.


Nine hitching rails (not mentioned in the 1996 Decision Memo) with a low reinforced continuous metal pipe barrier installed behind the upper parking bay to keep all-terrain vehicles (ATV's) and four-wheel drive vehicles off the slope.


Reduction in the number of parking stalls from 75 in the 1996 EA to 68 in the Final Site Plan. The reduction in due to minimizing the disturbed area in the site.


Proposed toilet will be moved from the north side of the parking area to the south side to make it wheelchair accessible.


Regetation of the disturbed area and the planting of 25 native oak trees. The proposal is to revegetate to the disturbed areas with native shrubs and grass seed raked into the soil, then cover with excelsior matting.


Installation of a water well with a hand pump. This portion of the project is still being researched in an attempt to locate a water source on the site.


Topsoil will be saved from the proposed disturbed area and will be stockpiled in the disturbed shoulder area south of the existing parking entrance. This area overlaps the CalTrans right-of-way and national forest land.


Installation of miscellaneous signage, including stop sign; new entrance sign; Adventure Pass signing; directions to water sign; handicapped parking sign; directional signs; regulation signs.


Compacted aggregate horse unloading area west of the back of the horse trailer parking bay.

In addition to preparation of an amended Decision Memo, the biological assessments (BA's) for the plants and wildlife will also be amended to reflect the proposed alterations. The alterations to the 1996 Decision Memo and BA's does not alter the original decision.

If you have any comments on the proposed alterations to this project, please reply by no later than February 28, 2000. Send your comments to:

USDA Forest Service
Trabuco Ranger District
Cleveland National Forest
1147 East Sixth Street
Corona, CA 92879-1616
ATTN: Judy Behrens

Warrior's Society Response:

These changes being discussed will in no way affect mountain biking in on this trail. Many of the changes are being done to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The Warrior's Society will be assisting in anyway possible in the completion of this project.

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