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What's at Stake Part X: An open letter to the Sierra Club
August 1, 2004

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds"
-Samuel Adams

My friends and fellow activists:

I hope you have found these updates informative. I apologize for their length, but these issues are complex, and cannot be explained in a single sentence. The devil is always in the details, and the Sierra Club, the Center for Biological Diversity and their allies in the environmental movement have been successful because they realize this and hide behind rhetoric such as "Protect and Restore our Forests!"

There is one disturbing aspect of the Sierra Club and CBD's goal to remove access to our Forests by campaigning for the adoption of their Conservation Alternative 6. Why hasn't the press reported on how this Alternative 6 would affect the ability of the Forest Service to manage these National Forests and the public's ability to access them? Why haven't the Sierra Club and CBD demanded the press cover this story?

Many in the Forest Service agree that the Sierra Club and CBD are not being honest with the public, and if you notice, no stories have been published on what the effect on the public's recreational access would be if the Sierra Club's and Center for Biological Diversity's Alternative 6 were to be adopted as the preferred plan. There have been stories in the press describing the chosen alternatives, and in each story the Sierra Club criticizes these alternatives and claims these forests will be destroyed - and advocates its Alternative 6 to save them.

Why haven't we had any stories that give the details of what effect the Conservation Alternative 6 would have on the public's access and the Forest Service's ability to manage these forests?

And at what cost? Would the funding be available? If the funding were not available, and the Forest Service did not meet their timetables for all the aspects of Alternative 6, could (and would) the environmental organizations sue to close off many areas?

Why haven't we seen stories where they interview fire department officials, whose firefighters' lives will be at stake, on the fire proposals being advocated by the Sierra Club and CBD?

All they would have to do is ask the Forest Service. It would be a great story to compare the chosen alternatives with alternative 6 and what their respective effects would be on the Forest Service's ability to manage these national forests, the danger they pose to firefighters' lives and the effect they would have on the public's ability to access the forest.

On my email list I have reporters who cover these issues, including Pat Brennan (pbrennan@ocregister.com), the Environmental writer for the O.C. Register (and other Register Reporters as well) and John Glionna, from the L.A. Times (John.Glionna@latimes.com). Why don't they cover this story, or if nothing else, why isn't the Sierra Club asking for stories that tell the public what the net affect of their policies would be and prove me a liar?

On Friday, June 18th 2004 I emailed Tim Allyn (t.allyn@comcast.net), a Sierra Club Associate Representative, Dan Silver (dsilverla@earthlink.net), the Director of the Endangered Habitats League (a Sierra Club ally), Randall Danta (rdanta@comcast.net), the founder of the Sierra Club Mountain Bike Committee, and Dave Pearlman (dperlmansr@cox.net), a local Sierra Club leader the following challenge (they and the press have received all my updates, including this one):

"I think it important that the Sierra Club and the Forest Service reveal to the public the net affect and the impact of their Alternative 6 compared to the alternatives chosen by the Forest Service.

Why don't you demand the press do an honest comparison of the Alternatives the Forest Service and the Sierra Club are proposing and their Respective effects on the ability of the Forest Service to manage our forest - and the public's ability to access them? Demand the Forest Service give their honest opinion on the effect each alternative will have on the previously mentioned.

The Warrior's Society, the Sierra Club, and the CBD have nothing to hide right?

None of us will fall prey to the saying "The emperor has no clothes" - right?

Give the details of what "Protect and Restore Our Forests" means.

Prove me a liar.


AKA 'Dances With Hornets'"

Ten Day's later on June 28th I sent another email to the press, Tim Allyn and others in Orange County who are affiliated with or local leaders of the Sierra Club, including their new Orange County Rep. Brittany Mckee (brittany.mckee@sierraclub.org):


I have not forgotten my request to you asking that you join me in demanding press coverage of the net affect the Sierra Club and Center for Biological Diversity's Alternative 6 would have on the Forest Service's ability to manage our forests and on the public's access.

I will not forget this email to you, or the promise I made to you over two years ago (that the Warrior's Society is a steadfast friend and a relentless enemy) when we first met to discuss the wilderness issue and you implied the Sierra Club knew best what to do with the land I have walked since I was a child; with arrogance you dismissed me - a fatal mistake as my fulfilled promise has proven.

The Sierra Club is morally bankrupt; it has embraced an illegitimate faith that has dismissed science and history.

I know the Sierra Club. I was once a believer. I have prepared for this for 25 years...

...I hope you have enjoyed my updates.


AKA 'Dances With Hornets'"

I have not heard a response from the Sierra Club, or the CBD or the or from any reporters that was cc'd on these emails.

Why not?

It is the responsibility of all Americans to shine the light on the ideology and motivation of any group that proposes policies that would be detrimental to the public. The fact that the Sierra Club and the CBD refuses my challenge to publicize the effects of their Alternative 6 shows their arrogance and belief that the public cannot be trusted with their public lands and that they best be kept ignorant.

No one can accuse me of being in the pocket of anyone, save for the debt I own to my country for the freedom to succeed and to fail. I will repay that debt till the end of my life - and woe to anyone that I feel is a threat to that freedom. Only in freedom can we innovate, only in freedom can man advance our culture to meet the challenges that face us.

The environmental movement does not respect our citizens but sees them as a threat to their ideology, an ideology that has no admiration for our freedom, economy or national security.

From their actions is seems that only the elite leaders of the environmental movement are wise enough to form public policy and not the "bourgeois masses," who must be kept uniformed and under control.

I ask you my friends, is it morally right for the Sierra Club and CBD to compel citizens to support their position but not provide them with the knowledge to make an informed decision? What is it about the Sierra Club's and CBD's Alternative 6 that they feel it is best kept unexplained; that the best course of action is to belittle the chosen Alternatives with statements that destruction will follow if they are implemented and hide behind rhetoric such as "Protect and Restore our forests!"?

When I cc'd the environmental writers for the Register and the Times (in my email to the Sierra Club leaders) and demanded the press publicize the effects of the Conservation Alternative 6, they ignored me and allowed the Sierra Club and CBD to hide behind their rhetoric.

This last bastion of our freedom, the press, abdicated its responsibility - why? Why aren't the Sierra Club and CBD demanding this coverage? Why aren't they willing to defend it to the public? Is the press's bias blinding them?

Do we really value our freedom? What has happened to America?

How many of those who support the Sierra Club with their dollars earned by working for small and "Big Business" that the Sierra Club hates would support them if the Sierra Club educated them on the consequences of supporting the Sierra Club's and CBD's Alternative 6? Does the Sierra Club find it's inspiration in Jefferson, Madison and Lincoln - or in Marx, Lenin and Stalin?

Now is the time for the Sierra Club and CBD to defend their alternative to the public, not hide behind their rhetoric. They only have until August 11th, when the deadline for public comments end, or is that your plan; to hide under a rock until the comment period ends?

Has the Sierra Club become so confident in their power and millions raised from a blindly trusting public that it is not truth they find comfort in but their own arrogance?

"Never give in--never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy."
-Winston Churchill

Sierra Club and CBD, defend your proposals for firefighting to the firefighters and the public:
Forest Plan Alert part I

Defend your road removal and mountain biking proposals to the public and tell them they'll have to give up 60 to 70 percent of their historical access:
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Forest Plan Alert part III

And to the press that has ignored and abetted the actions of the Sierra Club - Shame, Shame, Shame.

I will be sending out suggested Forest Plan comments for you to submit to the Forest Service in a couple of days. Please show the Sierra Club, the CBD (and the press) you will not be fooled by their corruptive tactics.

That would be the best revenge.

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