Event Write Up and Results

Story by Chris Vargas
Pictures by Jason Martin and Barry Wood

Top of JET

Thank you to all who participated in the Cytomax Spring Mountain Bike Classic. This inaugural event of our Flying B and Warrior's Society Series has set the stage for some great racing. We received so many positive comments from participants happy that they did not have to travel far outside of Orange County to participate in a XC event.

Although there were many other XC and other events happening the same day (the 24-Hours of Temecula, Bonelli Park XC, the Roserita to Ensenada ride) we had a great turnout with 86 participants, but more importantly, we had great racing on our new course.

It was great to see club member and the 2005 NORBA National Marathon Series Female Champ Monique "Pua" Sawicki and her husband (and fellow club member) Ron at the event. They were taking a break from competing and instead cheering on the event participants.

After drop on JET Jasen Thorpe, who left Shimano and now is back with Mountain Biking Magazine, also came out to root on the racers. Jasen is a stand up guy and an honorary member of the Warrior's Society whose friendship and advice is greatly valued by the club.

We had a few notable finishes. Kym Slingerland (Female Expert 31 to 45) and her husband Gerrit Slingerland (Male Expert 46 and up), who last Fall won the two person coed single speed class at the 6-Hours of Orange County - followed up that win with first place finishes in their classes.

In the Male Expert 17 to 30 class won by Sean Donovan. Manual Prado, who had the fastest lap time at the 6-Hours of Orange County, suffered a flat that delayed him enough to put him out of the top three. Manual is a tremendous athlete that despite this misfortune will be a real threat to capture the Flying B and Warrior's Society Male Orange County Championship. To view the current points standing visit the Championship Series web page.

Middle of JET2 The Warrior's Society is very proud of our Jr. Race Team members that competed at the event. In the Novice 16 and Under Class, Camron Panttaja finished 2nd and Lacey Maxwell finished 3rd. Matthew Nourmohamadian also had a great finish in the Men's Intermediate 17 to 30 Class finishing at 2nd place. These young athletes are just beginning their racing careers and we expect these great finishes to continue.

Many thanks to all those club members (and other volunteers) who came out to help set up, support the event, and tear down afterward. Reed Price was kind enough to lend me his van to sleep in which made my night out at the ranch a very comfortable one. Thanks Reed.

Thanks also to Barry Wood, our Web Shaman and Graphic Guru, for the great event t-shirt design and to Art Zippel, the official DJ of the Warrior’s Society, for entertaining you after the event.

Middle of JETA special thanks to Jason Martin, Eron Boyer and Tim Panttaja for designing and building the new single track, to Suzanne Martin, who has become our scoring guru and assistant event Director and to our co-Executive Director Sherry Panttaja whose drive and attention to detail has allowed me to enjoy the events again. With Sherry in charge of our events and sponsorship for 2006, I will focus on advocacy, trail work/construction and public lands policy.

We also thank Cytomax, the major sponsor of the event, for their support over the years. Cytomax, along with our other long-time industry sponsors, Clif Bar, Shimano and Manitou, have stuck with us, and all of you, for many years supporting our trail work, advocacy and events. They, along with all our contributing bike shops and other industry sponsors, also share in our success in defending our access against wilderness bills and forest plans that would have banned us from our National Forests.

And to the Warrior's Society members who were responsible for the custom Santa Cruz Blur that I was honored with at the awards; I humbly thank you.

Chris' new ride In the kind words Club member Jeroen Bosboom spoke regarding my leadership before I was presented with the bike, he mentioned that I was the glue that holds the Warrior's Society together. I am overwhelmed by this compliment - but I have come to realize that glue is of no use without substance to bind together; and in all of you, by your shared dedication, work and Vision, I have found a substance - that united - no man can tear apart.

I am deeply thankful for the opportunity you have all given me to lead and defend our access. It has always been a responsibility I have never taken lightly and in return has given back to me the wonder and joy of what can be accomplished by those who share a common Vision.

I find myself to be truly blessed. I thank you all for your support of our trail work, advocacy and events.

See you at the Toad Festival on Saturday, May 13th.

Ya Ta Hey,

Chris Vargas
Executive Director
The Warrior's Society

Race Results

Expert – 3 Laps – 17.4 miles with 4,086 feet of total elevation gain
Intermediate – 2 Laps – 11.6 miles with 2,724 feet of total elevation gain
Novice – 1 Lap – 5.8 miles with 1,362 feet of total elevation gain

Male Expert 17-30

11:29:23.62Sean Donovan
21:32:02.92Jon Steirwalt
31:32:11.20Chris Heinrich
41:34:34.77Manuel Prado
51:55:30.82Joel Baty

Male Expert 31-45

11:36:20.25Guy Sutton
21:37:41.44Damon Roberson
31:38:14.31Paul Freiwald
41:46:10.00Andrew Juskaitis
51:47:25.34Robert Rust
61:52:09.65Steve Alvarez
72:04:01.49Chris Messina

Male Expert 46-up

12:01:56.13Gerrit Slingerland
22:06:36.55Phil Kramer
32:16:59.94Steve Ellis

Male Intermediate 17-30

11:17:45.30Matt Kipper
21:19:30.23Erik Williams
31:20:20.26Matthew Nourmohamadian
41:28:33.19Bobby Baravati
51:42:11.99Lance Fontaine
61:52:37.79Paul Cerone

Male Intermediate 31-45

11:15:08.81David Reid
21:16:13.91David Sawyer
31:17:00.93John Furlong
41:17:24.80Eron Boyer
51:18:07.83Kent Walker
61:18:51.93Eiji Yamamoto
71:19:36.91Stewart Ames
81:20:16.97Jeff Bruck
91:20:27.27Craig Kokesh
101:20:55.20Robert Walker
111:21:58.44Michael Heindel
121:23:05.08Kris Lowe
131:24:08.81Richard Contreras
141:24:52.81Joseph Connolly
151:25:36.98Douglas Leasure
161:27:29.51Paul Fujisawa
171:30:32.42Ross Bennett
181:36:16.10Tommy Jankovich
191:37:22.19Rene Contreras
201:37:35.34Dell Bishoff
211:39:15.95David Koeblitz
221:40:47.09Arnold Frankenberg
231:41:31.93Aldo Schindler
241:44:12.09Brett Davidson
251:48:56.44Jose Alvarez
261:50:13.61Hector Contreras
272:08:48.08Benjamin Boronow

Male Intermediate 46-up

11:21:21.69Armando De Armas
21:37:20.77Jim Duge
31:37:25.27Farhad Shah-Hosseini
41:38:22.06Bob Forest

Female Expert 31-45

12:01:56.13Kym Slingerland
22:19:31.93Bernice Peirson
32:29:05.00Mary Huth

Female Novice Open

149:03.51Tania Cullen
21:01:41.61Laurie Sallinger
31:02:23.00Maria Fahie

Male Novice 17-30

140:15.21Thomas Stockton
242:13.82Carl Mandrioli
343:01.67Knowlton Shore
444:09.60Charles Warfield
544:29.48Adam Brown
646:48.22Ryan Gann
757:49.47Jesse Barragan

Male Novice 31-45

140:50.07Gary Kentie
241:50.23Paul Redman
342:39.13Zero Dean
445:09.38Twain Martin
546:43.77Mike Clark
647:08.22Ryan Stevenson
747:49.74Anthony Bowren
850:25.26Loren McQuade
951:05.23Daniel Cummings
1052:46.16Ryan McLaughlin
1154:11.97Adam Davidson
121:03:21.45Darin Maxwell
131:12:01.45Johnny Sulecki

Male Novice 46-up

149:32.65Bruce Kane
256:14.87Paul Haveruk

Open Novice 16-Under

146:30.75Michael Suggs
246:56.57Camron Panttaja
31:02:24.94Lacey Maxwell

Single Speed Open

11:40:40.99Todd Stephenson
22:09:44.89Jason Miller